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CHSAA BLAX Rules Test:

To access the Test:

Login to your ArbiterSports Account

Navigate to the CHSAA Central Hub:

Scroll to 2024 HS Boys Lacrosse Exam

The Test closes on April 1, 2024.

If you do not take the test and pass with an 80% score, then you will NOT be able to officiate CHSAA boys' lacrosse in 2024. You will also not be permitted to officiate post-season games. No Exceptions.

Do NOT confuse the CHSAA 2024 HS Boys Lacrosse Exam with the USAL HS Online Rules Test. The tests are different. The USAL rules test does not count towards your CHSAA certification.

2024 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Book Corrections

Correction #1: P. 38 Rule 4.5.3 Situation A

Answer b. Flag down (ADD the word “SLOW”) whistle (DELETE the word “IMMEDIATE” as written in book)

Correction #2: P. 46 Rule 4.14 Article 3

“bat the ball with a foot (ADD the word “OR” any other part of the body . . .

(DELETE the word “OF” as written in book)

Correction #3: P. 52 Rule 4.19.5 Situation B

The goalkeeper (ADD the word “B1”) makes a save. When out of the crease A1 checks (ADD “B1”) into the crease, while B1 is still in possession of the ball.(In other words, B1 is the goalkeeper; not A1 as written in the book).

Correction #4: P 75 Rule 6.5.2 Situation D

Should read: During course of play, (ADD the words “WHILE IN THE CREASE,” goalkeeper B1’s stick becomes broken or ….

Should read: RULING: “The officials will stop plays as soon as they notice the problem.” DELETE the words REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE GOALKEEPER IS IN OR OUT OF THE CREASE” as written in the book.

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