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Your 2023 RMLOA Board wants to thank each member who worked patiently, passionately, and tirelessly over a fast and furious paced 2023 CHSAA Boys Lacrosse Spring Season.

The RMLOA’s primary mission is recruit, train and retain officials.

The RMLOA continues to use multiple factors to evaluate and observe officials as we try to support officials’ growth and help each official improve his or her craft.

As you know, the number of sports officials, including CHSAA BLAX, who officiate high school sports in the U.S. is declining. As a result, each of us needs to continue to recruit new RMLOA members.

While the NFHS Rule Book recommends three officials should work varsity games, in reality, sometimes it is difficult assign three officials on every varsity game because of the number of registered officials, experience, availability to work, blocks, and/or mileage restrictions.

Currently, the Denver-Metro and Northern Area CHSAA schools have entered into written contracts with ASO to assign boys lacrosse with daily and on-going input, oversight, and involvement from the RMLOA assigning committee. The RMLOA Board continues to work with CHSAA and ASO to improve the assigning process and welcome your thoughts on ways to enhance the assigning process and experience.

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